Adapt and win more deals   

Adaptive Selling based on DISC profiles 

Adaptive selling is a method in which the seller adapts their approach based on 3 elements:

  1. 1.  Personality: what is the preferred communication style of my contactperson(s)?
  2. 2. Persona: what are the needs and values based on their industry and function?
  3. 3. Phase: where is the customer in their buying journey?
Applying adaptive selling will make you a more effective salesprofessional and increase your win rate. The fundament of Adaptive Selling is the DISC personality profile which can be automatically generated by the AI software from the company Crystal.     

Adaptive Selling training programs

Front office /
inside sales

Dealing with difficult customers 

Leveraging the momentum and cross sell 

Advisors / Accountmanagers

 Adaptive prospecting with potential customers 

Becoming a trusted advisor for all your stakeholders


Leaders /

Implementing an adaptive selling culture 

Adaptive salescoaching to improve results

You will learn

Our adaptive salestrainings

Structured approach which makes learning easy and more effective

Every program is based on a dialogue model which is then applied to different personality types

Based on science: learn about the psychology in dialogues and get a deeper understanding about the WHY?

What others say

Always enjoyed working with Ron. Each single time we met and had time to discuss things I not only learned something new about sales enablement, but also got some concrete ideas how to develop business forward. Skill base in theory of the sales process and psychological side of the sales is impressive and definately one of the things I miss a lot from times working together with Ron
Ville Urilla
Managing Director Dometic
With knowledge, experience, humour and directness, Ron combines theory and practice into a highly relevant, usable and measurable approach for you and your team to become better editions of yourselves, whether as a leader, team member or for reaching top results. Filled with inspiring positivity and energy, Ron is always prepared to give support and inspiration whenever needed.
Hakan Paulsen
Head of Sales Miele
Ron provides and shares a strong and structured approach to coach sales people from theory to practice. His great experience permits an adaptation to many different kinds of profiles. His exigence associated to his personality creates a valuable and efficient atmosphere of work !
Alexandre Reynaud
Managing Director Kompan France
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